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We all get insurance questions. How we answer them often defines whether a patient will schedule an appointment


hether you like it or not, the business of being a dentist is closely related to the insurance system.

Here are some mistakes your front desk should avoid making when answering questions about insurance:

1. Never Answer with a “NO”

When you say “no” to somebody, you set an anchor for a person to have a negative response. It often doesn’t matter what you say next: the caller is ready to move on. Always start with a “Yes”. It doesn’t mean misinforming the caller. It means re-phrasing your answers. Instead of saying “No, we do not accept your insurance”, answer withΒ  “We work with your insurance and will submit a claim for you”.

2. Do Not Start with the Insurance Question

When the first question you ask your potential patients is about their insurance, it sends a message that insurance is important to you, and so it should be to them. The accent should be placed on outstanding care that you provide. Many patients will go out of network (if allowed) to receive a better dental care.

3. Do Not Give Homework

Avoid asking a potential patient to find out their insurance benefits. Get their insurance information and find out about their benefits. You will establish a contact and get extra points for taking on their homework.

4. Do Not Assume that a Person Knows About Insurance

A lot of people do not know the difference between PPO and HMO plans, and what some insurance terms mean. Use this opportunity to educate them about the system. Make sure to use words that will be easy to understand for somebody who doesn’t work in the healthcare industry. Avoid peppering a potential patient with too much information. Work with your team to develop answers to some of the most common questions.

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