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Are You Thinking “Why Them?”

We like to keep it personal.

Here is why it is good for you.

We’ve learned that to get insanely good at something you have to focus and say no to other opportunities. We have a focus, and it is a dental practice.  Even after 5 years of working closely with our dental clients, we are still learning something new.  

Imagine working with five different service providers for your hosting, advertising, website maintenance or reputation management needs. They don’t talk to each other, and you become a middleman. What you’ll get is a bare minimum, no deep-dive problem solving.  They won’t tell you that your front desk can increase bookings simply by  pre-qualifying a doctor, or that there is a trend of negative reviews about a hygienist.

We charge a fair price it is not the most expensive but also is not the cheapest. It’s a price you don’t have to worry about changing. It’s a price that allows us to make you a priority, not an object to try to get money from. For the price that is less than a front desk employee’s salary, you are getting our full marketing team with a deep knowledge of how to improve the on-boarding process and bring in new patients. We can confidently say that our service pays for itself many times over, otherwise we would have long-term contracts.



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