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Why is it important to know where your patients are coming from?

  1. Β To correctly calculate your marketing ROI (Return on Investment), you need to know how many patients each campaign/event brings. The only way to find it out is to track EVERY patient’s source. This information will help you determine success of your marketing efforts, update the marketing plan and allocate appropriate budget.
  2. Reward your referring patients – they are your practice’ ambassadors. Remember to keep in mind the ethical side of referral programs – you do not want to promise any material benefits to your patients for referring their friends, family and co-workers. Make sure your rewards are a “Thank You” after the referral.
  3. Do you have a team member(s) who refers the most? On top of making everything in the front/back office run smoothly they also bring you additional revenue by referring new patients.Β Celebrate the employee with a lunch or a gift card.Β  You could even run a contest one month to see which employee gets the most referrals, make it a little fun!

How can you determine the patient source?

  1. Use the phone calls tracking software to determine which marketing effort brought you the lead. Read more “3 Top Reasons Why Dentists Must Listen To Their Front Desk Calls”.
  2. When answering the phone and setting an appointment for a new patient, ask them how they found out about your practice. Always note the answer in your patient management software (e.g., Dentrix). That way you can keep track of who you need to reward if it was by word of mouth, a current patient, advertising or an employee. Check monthly how many records have notes and re-train the front desk team.

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