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Did you know that, by pre-qualifying a doctor, your front desk can increase conversion by 20% ?

The most persuasive of all sales tools has always been word of mouth.  Simply put, word of mouth is someone recommending an individual, a product or a business to another.

This classic form of promotion is used in a multitude of ways, including some we hardly notice.  A doctor’s certificate on the wall is word of mouth promotion.  That framed document tells the patient that some lofty institution thought well enough of the medical professional to give them an official stamp of approval and license to practice.  The patient feels better and more confident seeing the certificate hanging there; the more certificates, the more confidence the patient is likely to have.

Oddly enough, it’s been found that word of mouth is so powerful it creates a positive effect even when the person doing the recommending has a close connection to the recipient of their praise.

In a dental office, one way of making use of this subtle, but effective form of persuasion is in the booking of appointments.

When the scheduler or receptionist books an appointment for a new or returning patient, a sentence or two about the qualifications of the dentist of hygienist the patient will be seeing can do wonders.  People are more likely to keep appointments when they’ve heard an excellent recommendation about the person they’re going to see.

I have an opening available with Dr. Jones on Tuesday the 15th. Is three in the afternoon good for you? Great. I’ll put you down. See you then.

Here is how a little persuasion can make a big difference.

Let me see. This is great, it looks like we have an appointment available with our Dr. Jones. He has over 20 years of experience in implant dentistry and was voted Top Dentist in the area two years running. How’s Tuesday the 15th at three? Great. See you then.


You need an appointment with one of our hygienists. I can get you in next week with Leslie. She just came back from accepting an award for excellence in the field of dental hygiene. We’re really lucky to have her. How’s Tuesday the 15th at three? Great. See you then.

Try this subtle use of word of mouth persuasion and see what a difference it can make to your practice.

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